The Pursuit of Exercise.

Dear Fun Runners,

What the fuck?

Just because you are better then the rest of us lazy slobs is no excuse to run towards on coming traffic in black clothes in the dark. Did I mention it is foggy too?

Seriously how hard is it to purchase your running spandex with some 3M reflective stripes on it? It probably affects how aerodynamic you are but I assume it isn’t hard. Almost every piece of outdoor clothing I own has some kind of reflective material on it and I don’t remember the last time I exercised. Get some of those wristbands I used to have for riding my bicycle at night.

Can’t afford those $2 wristbands? Wrap yourself in tinfoil. Although the side affect will be that people thing you are some kind of whack job running from aliens but at least they will see you a mile away when driving.

Do you still want to run in the dark and not wear reflective clothes? Buy a fucking treadmill and turn off the fucking lights.

Better yet build a time machine go back to the early 1990’s and buy some of those shoes with the red flashing lights in the heel and some florescent green, pink, and yellow jogging outfits.

Tell you what next time I’m not going half into the lane of oncoming traffic because you are a moron and have no concern for your person safety. Learn to run on a sidewalk and wear some reflective clothing for those nightly fun runs.