Snow Cones.

In high school I was voted most likely to move to the North Pole. I don't know why (maybe a striking resemblance to a young Kris Kringle) but the more I sit on the thought it makes more sense. But they were a little off on what hemisphere I wanted to go to.

I'd rather go to the South Pole. Despite what you think it isn’t to fight a shape shifting alien but to hunt for forgotten scotch.

Maybe hang out with penguins too.

Today I was made aware of an expedition where they are going to be drilling for one hundred year old scotch in Antarctica. Apparently this ancient alcohol was found beneath one of Shackletons huts by restoration people but it is too deep in the ice to get out with out drilling for it. It seems that the scotch would be perfectly preserved and since scotch doesn’t age in a glass bottle it would taste exactly how it tasted when Shackleton  drank it. 

How awesome would that be to tell people that was your job?

"Oh you're an accountant? Sounds boring. My company sends me on crazy expeditions to rescue old scotch. Yup, that's where I got this beard."

Maybe that is why I grow a beard professionally. But for the last several years all I've craved is adventure so I know s good one when I see it. I would happily drop everything to go on this one or something similar.

Hopefully to a distant tropical island to find a stash of rum left by rum runners.

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