Start with a title.

Yesterday I went a little stir crazy.

I think it was from lack of human contact. Apart from the computer screen I spent most of Saturday in a perpetual state of isolation and boredom. 

Eventually I summoned the will to get out of my place (which wasn’t to hard) and went for a walk to the coffee shop. I sat in there for about fifteen minutes watching people go about their day picking up fresh baked items and drinking fresh brewed coffee. I sipped on my coffee, put on an audiobook, and headed home.

I spent the rest of the day dreaming of things until a friend rescued me from my own mind. Conversation was exactly what I needed. Before he showed up at the door with a bottle of whiskey I’d fallen into a monk like silence and a new found (but temporary) depression.

Today was a different story.

Good lunch with BFC crew at Swans because Cabin 12 is closed. When we all went our separate ways Shaynebow and I hit up the local Chapters were we spent 40 minutes bullshitting, and looking at books.

When we left the book store we were privileged enough to see a street fight which involved someone flying off a bicycle to punch another guy in the face. Lots of blood and I’m sure a broken nose. This launched Shayne into a rant that started with “Correct me if I’m being Hitler…” while we sat in a coffee shop. The conversation between us ended in tears, lack of air in our lungs, red faces, and odd looks from other patrons.

It was a good day.