Something stuck in my throat.

Well it’s done and there is nothing we can do or say to stop it, but good luck.

When I originally wrote this post I was a little angry, a little down, and a little tired. It’s not meant to be profound or emo. It just is what it is. It has been hard to write for the last few days.

The topic of change has been floating about in my mind lately. Maybe it was the series of events leading up to and after my trip to Seattle that has made it a forefront to everything I’ve thought about.

No matter what anyone thinks it is up to us to change things for the better and whether that change is making sure to put our recyclables in the recycle, to compost, or to better our own lives it is our choice to make. Choices are hard to make sometimes and sometimes they are easy but they are still in our control.

Almost every choice we make affects our well being and the well being of others even as minor as doing the dishes so your apartment doesn’t stink or you run out of forks. Sometimes choices are selfish and I know I’m guilty of that one but so are you.

I expect to make several changes in the next several months for better or for worse. I hope to focus more on my writing, photography, and getting several projects off the ground and running. Choices I hope will better my attitude and general well being as right now I’m not feeling 100%.