Day one of one hundred and six.

It’s going to happen whether you like it or not so stop fighting.

Today was the first leg of the 106 day “relay” across Canada with the Olympic flame and I was there to witness part of the festivities. I have to say everyone was so excited to have the torch pass through our town that they were lined up two hours beforehand. 

I’m not for or against the Olympics they are just something I have to put up with for the next few months. I can’t afford to see some Olympic level hockey or even some local hockey so I’m not going to the Olympics. I’ll probably watch some hockey on TV like I do normally. I’m not going to buy an overpriced pair of mittens either because mittens are bastard stepchild of the driving glove.

I could see a bit of a point to protesting the Olympics because you don’t agree with them before Vancouver won the bid or hell even for a few months after it was announced that we are getting them. But seriously once they started building those new facilities for events and transit systems you know it is going to happen anyways. So pack up your signs and find something better to do with your time.

I’m all for free speech. I think it is pretty nifty
but I also think there is a limit to how far you should go with it. There are some battles you can win with sign waving but you had to know this was going to go through. Protesting 106 days before the event isn’t going to make the government go “hey, maybe we should just cancel them because a minority doesn’t want them.

Today protesters decided to block off some of the relay route forcing the runner and officials to get into the support vehicle and missing several stops along the way. This also would have prevented several of the relay participants from having their moment with the torch.

Imagine you were supposed to run a kilometer with that Olympic flame. I’m sure you would feel proud and excited to be representing your country. Then being told because of protesters you were unable to fulfill that dream. It would be crushing.

I hope those protesters took that into account. Along with disappointing hundreds of spectators on the side of the road who also wanted to feel proud to be a part of that torches journey. To feel patriotic.

Maybe your protesting is hurting the people more then you would think.

We all have our rights to our opinions and just because I don’t believe in Santa it doesn't mean I’m going to rally a group of people together to protest Christmas during the Christmas parade.

Why ruin it for everyone else?