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All my good ideas come in the shower.

Usually they slip my mind before I get out of the shower and write a stream of broken thoughts. Most of the time when I lose my ideas it is due to me worrying when I'm going to run out of hot water or why they are running that damn washing machine again for the 11th hour in a row upstairs.

It is a brainless task getting clean and washing your beard so I think about things. I try to be funny but I either forget the joke or the punchline before the shampoo is out of my eyes. So I've decided I would like a Space Pen and waterproof paper for Christmas.

This way I can write in the shower, on butter, underwater, on the sun, and in space. Seems like a good idea that way you won't just get a funny title in a post but a whole semi-funny one.

Instead you have to picture me in the shower.