The invention of slippers.

The older I get the more I like things adults like.

Recently I was noticing I was getting this weird cold feeling when I walked around barefoot and in a t-shirt in my basement suite. This is all very weird to me because I’m hairy and fat so that means I have natural insulation like a bear or some other large mammal that hibernates during the winter. By the way I plan to try hibernation sometime in my future.

So I have this conundrum do I put on socks or don’t I.
To answer that the first thing you need to know is when I get home from work is take off my stank ass wool socks and air these puppies out. I also don’t want to put on a fresh pair unless I’m heading out and need to wear shoes. So I decided to go through one of the boxes I still haven’t unpacked from when I moved in and find my slippers. I’ve never been a big fan but you know what I could get used to these comfy things. They make walking around down here more fun. If only they made them in going out slippers.

So the cold feet problem is solved. Now what about the rest of me being cold while I sit at my computer all night? I also dug up my old man wool cardigan that I picked up a few years ago. To complete the over all warm feeling I needed to keep my lap warm. So I took the hand knitted wool blanket my grandma made me when I was a kid  and now it is sitting over my fleece pajama pants. I’m so comfortably warm these days now.

I took the jump from being a twenty something to being an old man pretty quick and not just the bitter part.

If only my grandkids would call.