Oh to be young.

When I was a kid your goals in life were get those shoes with the red flashing LED in the heel and become a Ninja Turtle. While cruising the internet today I realized neither of those dreams has come true.

I know becoming a Ninja Turtle is pretty much impossible, but it is the other one that made me think. Kids today have some pretty radical things that I would like to get my hands on but I am much too old for. Like that skateboard with two wheels on casters, the flashing LED shoe things, little wheels that pop out of the soles of your shoes, and Sled Shorts.

That’s right Sled Shorts. Shorts that go over your snow pants that have a sled built into the ass. If there is snow and some kind of downhill slope you could hypothetically use your sled shorts to slide down the hill without a toboggan.

Think off the possibilities.

Although these shorts are probably geared towards a community that has snow for more then 4 days a year and has more than a foot of snow at a time I could see friends of mine using them.

I’ll just keep drunken tobogganing on stolen cafeteria trays from McDonalds at 2am on the nearest hill instead of making the $40 investment. You’re welcome to join if you are in the neighborhood and it is snowing.