Photo Courtesy of Keri Coles Photography.

Photo Courtesy of Keri Coles Photography.

Tyson Elder is a photographer living slightly north of Victoria, BC in a small seaside town.

His love for photography blossomed from years of playing with the home video camcorder and point-and-shoot disposable cameras. Eventually Tyson discovered film photography, how to develop film, and many of the skills he uses today.

Tyson's main focus when it comes to photography is live music and events, but is always looking for a new and interesting challenge.

Tyson's photos have been featured by several local media outlets like 100.3 The Q, and The Zone @ 91.3's websites as well as being published in The Times Colonist and Victoria Almost Free magazine.

His photos have also been used in international media outlets like The Sun (UK) and their affiliate newspapers across the world. He has also had a few of his photographs considered for the a recent Ripley's Believe It Or Not annual edition.

Tyson Elder is also the curator and founder of YYJ Rocktographers. An photography showcase featuring the work of dozens of local concert photographers. 

Tyson Elder is available for local and international assignments.